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Madisonville, Tennessee 37354

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Flexible scheduling

Make some time in your day, and we'll be there to help you deal with pain.

Call today to scdhedule an appointment

Don't mask symptoms

Find the issue

Heal the source

From migraines and headaches to muscle pain and back aches, pain medication doesn't deal with the problem – it just covers the pain up without fixing anything.

With our years of diagnosing problems and effective ultrasound technology, you can count on our chiropractors to quickly identify your ailment.

Once we've identified the underlying causes of your aches and pains, you'll have a wide range of effective chiropractic solutions and our experience at your disposal.


Sports injuries

Build strength

Simply by straightening your back and neck to improve blood flow, you'd be amazed at how many headaches can be avoided. Our adjustments make a difference.


Feel that knee clicking? Do your ankles hurt after running half a mile? Sports are fun, but they put your body under tremendous stress. Let us help restore your balance and relieve pain.


Between your adjustments, massage therapy, and strengthening exercises, you'll find that you recover from the aches and pains of everyday life when you rely on our services.


Insurance accepted

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