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Flexible appointments

Spinal injuries

Whiplash pain

We can treat a wide variety of auto-related injuries without long delays. You can find a time that works for you within our flexible scheduling options.

Your back usually takes most of the impact during the jarring forces generated in even minor collisions.  Through spinal manipulation, we can help relieve your back pain.

During an accident, your head twists about and puts terrible strain on your neck while your body stays fairly stationary. Our experienced chiropractors can treat your whiplash.

Torso bruising

Knee pain

Insurance assistance

Your seatbelt exerts a lot of pressure across your torso during an accident. If you suffer aches and pains because of an accident, we offer a variety of massage options to heal the soft tissue.

Auto accidents can put a large amount of strain on your knees, especially taller patients. Stop by for a checkup if walking or going upstairs is difficult for you.

Most medical insurances cover our services. Our helpful staff will assist you with the paperwork so that you can promptly begin and treatments you need.

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Chiropractor treating the back injury Chiropractor treating the leg njury