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By madisonville41536944, Sep 12 2017 04:30PM

Each year many millions of people visit chiropractors to keep their mid back and rib cage in balance.

Put your hands alongside your chest and sides and you can easily feel your bony ribs. They wrap around your body from your front to the back. Tn the front they attach to your breastbone or sternum and in the back they attach to your spinal bones or vertebrae.

Attached to each side of your 12 thoracic vertebrae are ribs - 24 in all. On rare occasions a person may have 10 or 11 pair or even an extra set of ribs (usually seen in the neck - called "cervical ribs").

Ancient anatomists thought your ribs looked like the bars of a cage so they called them, with their attachments, your "rib cage."

What is in that cage? Some very important organs are protected there: your heart, lungs, major blood vessels, diaphragm, and other structures. It's important to keep this "cage" in alignment and balance. A misaligned rig cage can put unnatural pressure on its vital inhabitants affecting their proper functioning.

By madisonville41536944, Aug 15 2017 02:36PM

Sometimes our world can be a pretty dangerous place. Many of us have experienced a traumatic brush or collision with reality. And although accidents may be unavoidable, much of the pain and suffering resulting from traumatic injuries may be avoided with chiropractic care.

By madisonville41536944, Jul 27 2017 03:21PM

Your Spinal Column ...

When ancient Greeks looked at people's backs, they saw bumps and thought they resembled thorns so they call them spina - Greek for thorn. The individual bones of your spina - or spine are called vertebrae from the Latin vertere, to turn. Your vertebral or spinal column is your "backbone" and it is divided into five sections: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum, and coccyx.

Your Nervous System ...

Your brain, quietly floating in your skull, appears to be doing nothing, yet it processes billions of bits of information about whats going on, in and around you, at every moment. It sends out billions of commands: how fast your heart should beat, blood chemistry changes, blood pressure adjustments, how to throw a football, or bake cookies, and what to wear. It's through your brain that you can recall millions of memories, and express plethora of feelings, moods, emotions, and inspirations that make you uniquely you. At the bottom of your scull is a large hole called "foramen magnum." Your brain extends through this hole as a cable of billions of nerve fibers called your spinal cord. Spinal cord nerves connect your brain to your heart, lungs, arms, and legs. Thats how you know a mosquito is on your ankle.

By madisonville41536944, Jul 6 2017 05:58PM

Neck and back pain sufferers from too much fun during vacation.

If you're suffering from overexertion due to riding too long, playing too hard, or eating too much, then contact Maryville or Madisonville Chirpractic Clinic. We are here to provide relief and keep you healthy so that your vacation never ends!

By madisonville41536944, Jun 29 2017 03:38PM

Welcome to Madisonville Chiropractic Clinic's BLOG page! We will start posting blogs weekly sharing special news with you all and great information regarding chiropractic care!

We have also been working on our FACEBOOK page so make sure you to check it out, and give us a LIKE!!!

Yesterday in the office we celebrated Doctor Gwinn's BIRTHDAY! Complete with cupscakes and some delicious signature recipes from the Philippines that Ederlen made for us all! Pictures are posted on Facebook!

We will be CLOSED Saturday July 1st & Tuesday July 4th in observance of FOURTH OF JULY. We hope everyone has a wonderful & safe holiday !!

- Dr. Gwinn & staff :)

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