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Reduce pain and improve mobility.

Strengthening your muscles and joints will help relieve your back problems.

Personal treatment plans

Numb fingers

Reduce pain

Transparent pricing

Your hands and wrists are at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome if you click away at a keyboard during the day or work on an assembly line. Repetitive motions can put you at greater risk.

Our experienced chiropractors can make specific adjustments that reduce pain, numbness, weakness and return your malfunctioning joints to a more normal motion.

Madisonville Chiropractic Clinic is your easiest and most open option for chiropractic services.  Learn more about our flexible scheduling and transparent pricing.

Pain diagnosis

Disc issues treated

Heal your back

There are many different issues you can suffer with your back. You may have a dull ache in your back, or you may be unable to stand up straight.  Call today and book your appointment.

-  Intervertebral discs

-  Disc tears

-  Bulging discs

-  Herniated discs

-  Desiccated discs

Your back’s circulation and range of motion will be improved through spinal manipulation and manual traction.  The tissue around the discs will begin to heal.

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Get back to work faster!