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Pain medication doesn't deal with the problem of a migraine, back ache, headache or muscle pain.  

It just covers up the pain without fixing the cause of the problem.

It's important to get ongoing care if you suffer from chronic back issues. Regular adjustments have been shown to slow or even reverse the damage done to a back.

You will find that you can recover quickly from the aches and pains of everyday life when you rely on our adjustments, massage therapy and strengthening exercises.

To reduce sciatic pain, our experienced and knowledgeable chiropractic doctors use carefully controlled and directed pressure to remove interference within the spine.

You can suffer from subluxation degeneration when you have uncorrected spinal damage, and the body deposits calcium on the surface of adjacent bones.

Orthopedic and chiropractic doctors work in conjunction with each other to make sure your bones and joints stay as healthy as possible. Ask your orthopedic doctor for a referral to us

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