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Madisonville, Tennessee 37354

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CTA Chiropractic treatment

Regain strength faster

Pinpoint the cause

Options for healing

Our experienced chiropractors can help your body heal and regain strength faster whether your injury is from an auto accident, sciatica or a workplace injury.

We can pinpoint the cause of your pain quickly and efficiently with the latest technology in ultrasound. You can get the relief of knowing the cause of your aches and pains.

You’ll have a range of healing options at your disposal from manual traction and massage therapy to spinal manipulation. The options available to you depend on your injuries.

You don't have to just live with pain

Our dedicated chiropractors will help you manage and reduce joint and muscle issues.

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Back problem help

Treat your back now

Warm water massage

If you have been diagnosed with a ruptured disk by your doctor, we have options available to help you.

Don’t let your body build up disk-fusing calcium. You should start treatment as soon as possible.

A warm-water massage will increase blood flow, relax your muscles and wash away pain.

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