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Early detection is key

Begin treatment for scoliosis and sciatica as soon as possible.


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Back related issues

Sciatica symptoms


Back-related problems are serious and they are long term. When it comes to your back, the six most dangerous words are, "It will heal on its own!" Let us help with the symptoms.

The longest nerve in your body – the sciatic nerve – runs down your leg and when irritated by a bad back, you can feel a tingle, sharp pain or numbness throughout your whole leg!

Our experienced chiropractors use carefully controlled and directed pressure to remove interference from the spinal structure. The effective adjustments reduce sciatic pain.

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Deal with scoliosis

Treatment options

Orthopedic and chiropractic doctors work together to make sure your joints and bones are as healthy as possible. Ask your orthopedic doctor about us.

When you've been diagnosed with scoliosis, it's important to get ongoing treatment quickly. Left unchecked, scoliosis can often worsen as you age.

Using specific spinal adjustments and corrective exercises, our chiropractors have had excellent success treating cases of scoliosis just like yours.

Walk tall again!

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