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Subluxation degeneration is not an inevitable condition; you can fight it with our help.

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Dealing with back pain is one thing, but did you know it will only get worse from here? The more your back tries to compensate for pain by shifting, the worse the pain will get.

When spinal damage goes uncorrected, the body deposits calcium on the surface of adjacent bones that aren’t moving properly. It's called subluxation degeneration.

The splinting effect of subluxation degeneration can result in complete fusion if neglected long enough. Eventually, your back will lose the strength to keep you upright.

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If you suffer from chronic back issues, it's important for us to provide ongoing preventative care. Our adjustments have been shown to slow and even reverse the damage.

The sad truth about backs is they can always get worse. No matter what level of subluxation degeneration you may have, you'll benefit from undergoing our chiropractic care.

If you've obtained treatment or gotten surgery from an orthopedic surgeon, ask him to send you to the best chiropractor in the area for additional care.

Keep your back strong!

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