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CTA Chiropractic therapy Chiropractic therapy ultrasound treatment on shoulder

We can treat many forms of pain.

Our knowledgeable and experienced chiropractors will diagnose any problem.

Start the healing process

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What can you solve?

Your biggest asset in the fight against muscle and joint problems is our experience. We use proven techniques and have the latest equipment to aid in your relief.

Our doctors have successfully handled every major skeletal and muscular problem in the book from scoliosis to subluxation degeneration and carpal tunnel.

I’m here looking for an answer – your services should give me that answer. Focus on facts. Tell me what I will receive from you and what I’ll be able to do with it.

Quick detection

Massage therapy

Insurance assistance

Ultrasound technology

Our ultrasound technology is fast, effective and accurate. We can see into your soft tissue to help pinpoint problems using this non-invasive technology.

Interferential therapy, or electric stimulation, is an excellent all-purpose form of massage therapy that helps relax muscles and soft tissue with a mild electrical current.

Your insurance will cover effective treatments such as interferential therapy once your deductible is met. Contact our office with any insurance questions, our friendly staff is here to help.